Not the morning person I use to be

So, day one after a 6 day stretch of no work, i guess you cannot expect to be on your A-Game when you decide to wake up at 3 AM and go to work 3 hours early (hey, otherwise I am behind in their game right?  Fucking Game of Thrones at C1B).  So, this pic?  I have to tell you, I BARELY staged this at all;  How the hell I had it in me to even snap this, I will never know.  Sometimes, like I said, weightloss isn’t pretty every day.

Day 2: Mike, waking up 060713

Holy cow, is he on the toilet?  Where was this taken?

Holy cow, is he on the toilet? Where was this taken?

This picture inspired me today to create the HS factor in deciding how long it is taking me to become a morning person and get ready.  For example, today was supposed to be a fairly easy day; get up, clean up, dress, make my food and go.  35 minutes tops.  I was supposed to be out the door by 3:45 AM.  Well, In all actuality it took me 78 minutes to be ready to leave, so this is an HS Factor of 2.23:1, which sounds horrible, but it is a good baseline.

I cannot help myself, data, I am an analytics guy – If I could make it so I coule determine the success of my day (efficiency, workout, esteem, diet, love, mental and emotional) into one number, I would fucking try.  Until then, I have the end of day rant.


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