The One Where I Discuss Apathy (7/365)

Sometimes, only sometimes, not giving a shit is easier.  I have watched my three oldest boys who are all very smart, coast through high school and middle school with C’s and B’s when they are more than capable of coasting with B’s and A’s.  Every now and then an F rears its ugly head and we try to yell, and we try to punish, and we try positive reinforcement and hell we’ve tried bribery.  But it comes down to the same thing EVERY time.

They just don’t give a shit.  Apathy.  I think we should solicit good old Mr. Webster to change the definition of Apathy to this:

ap·a·thy  noun \ˈa-pə-thē\

Definition of APATHY

1: To not be surprised if a fucking asteroid crashed into your house right goddamn now: impassiveness
2: Not a single shit given : indifference

Examples of APATHY
  1. People have shown surprising apathy toward these important social problems.

That is all said and good when you are a kid, but when that is the only emotion you can fake at work, it makes it a miserable son of a bitch to trudge into every day.  How much easier would my job be if I did not give two fucks about it?  Damn, I could hand in reports, my boss DG could say, “Look at all these errors”, and I could reply, “Yes, ain’t  that a bitch” and saunter off to my 3′ x 3′ cubicle that my 5 years have earned, to whistle Dixie out of my ass for 8 hours.

Problem is, I own my career.  I do care.  I care more than I should about working for the man because frankly the man has an apathetic view toward me.  It is increasingly difficult to fake not caring in that environment where passion is interpreted as heat miser and every senior level employee rides you like a mule to their own agenda.

It is sad, because I care about being an AVP, I care about my employees, hell – I care if my boss looks good or not and when I make a mistake, my first thought is that I hope this doesn’t make it hard for DG or JS; but..I digress.  A corporation, though it tries, is not your family.  We are but cogs in the machine and when the HNIC tells you to make the widgets blue today, you say “Yeeessah, how many dem widgets you neeeeeds?” and the next day when he tells you to make them all yellow, you don’t say, “Wait.  What the fuck?  Why?”  you say, “Yeeessah, how many dem widgets you neeeeeds?” and whistle zippity doo dah out of your own ass while repainting the widgets.

Why?  because some day my caring will be seen.  Some day, I won’t need to pretend not to care.  someday, apparently after shaving every day and losing 180 pounds, I will make 6% more a year and have a title of AVP and do EXACTLY

On a lighter note, struggled through breathing, still got a cold, but tore up the cycle at 24hour fitness -wigwam.  Hells yes.  So for now, my rant is done and I leave you with my pic of the day and say, Namaste.

Mike at work, giving a single fuck, and trying not to (Hair by Peter Gabriel circa Digging in the Dirt era)

Mike at work, giving a single fuck, and trying not to (Hair by Peter Gabriel circa Digging in the Dirt era)


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