The One I Will Call Mug Shot (20 / 365)

OK, the Mug Shot

OK, the Mug Shot

I have a cousin who unfortunately for his spouse was arrested and will be probably going to prison.  This is not funny, it is sad, and the kicker behind it is that Irecently saw him, and he basically begged to talk to me before we came back to Las Vegas and i didn’t make the time.  He has had issues and today I wonder, if I would have just been there for him that one time….

But what is funny is mug shots.  I have a theory behind the mug shot, and what makes one classic.  The pic I had my wife tonight is classic mug shot.  Basically it is the head forward, shoulders totally sagging and a look of complete and utter disbelieving shame coupled with what appears to be a slack jaw.  This is perfect, I may carry it around in case I need it.

We often find ourselves in prisons we create.  For example, I am a moody son of a bitch and not only do I bring myself to prison, I bring those around me with my whining and planning and whining some more.  This blog is twofold.  i have some really neat things to say and show, as I start changing; but honestly, nothing totally amazeballs will occur until like day 50, due to nature,  The other reason behind this blog is to keep myself laughing a little.  Each time I can bear to look at myself in a picture, I find one thing I like about myself just a little more and my parole date from my own prison gets a little closer each time.

Tear down the walls to the prison you created be it food, bad relationships, or drugs and alcohol.  It is so hard, but all it takes is for you to make that first scratch in the wall (and then yes, a crawl through some of the foulest smelling shit….).



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