The One on the Bike (25 / 365)

Lifestyle Stationary Bike

Lifestyle Stationary Bike, my home this morning

The gym parking lot was very full today, what 115° outside and all, I can understand this – and it was mid-day on a Sunday, when my 24 Hour Fitness sees a normal flow of people.  However, when I went in, it was eerily dead except for the yoga class that was beginning.  I love cycling, but I have gained enough weight back that I have to lose some to get back on my mountain bike, I feel, so being able to work out on the cycles indoors is a real plus.

This was my home for 30 minutes, I had planned 45, but damn – I just couldn’t deliver, maybe my nutrition plan for the day failed me, I still felt bloated a bit from the 4 pancakes I had for breakfast (kind of a Sunday tradition).  Or maybe it was my head messing with me, either way it has to be figured out.  I am sincerely thinking about going back and giving it another 110%.

Tomorrow is MOTIVATION MONDAY, so I will think up a person in my world that has inspired or motivated me to talk about.  until then my friends, enjoy your Sunday.  Mark, my friend and father-in-law, happy birthday and may you feel the strength and love of those around you, you have enriched ours with love.



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