The One Where I am Free (29 / 365)

Cue up Lee Greenwood and get his ass out here singing

Cue up Lee Greenwood and get his ass out here singing

Yes, today is America’s “Birthday” in so much that Christmas is Jesus’ “Birthday”.  Today is not a day to complain about the government or the system or how bad America has fallen; you come into my house on my birthday and start talking shit, i kick you out.

This post is not so much about weight loss or motivation, but rather to give thanks that we live in a country that it is OK to drive you car to the gym to get on a stationary bike, or a treadmill.  It is OK to think that a Diet Coke offsets the 1200 calorie burger and fries.  We are proud in america because we built this country (after we stole it, I guess, twice) with our own damn hands and we should be proud, but we also need to remember what it is about to be humble, the scrappy underdog, and get some of that mojo back so people around the world will love us again.

I am talking to you sir, there is no need to go to France wearing your American and Proud hat, shirt and coat.  Bring it down a notch and maybe you won’t think the French are that snooty (like you told me last time you were there); I happen to love the French.

Here is a list of 6 things I thought of this morning that I love about America:

1) Baseball – Especially the Cubs.  Any other sport without a championship in 115 years would have been sold, but not the Cubbies – They represent all that is American Underdoggedness.
2) Buffets – Come on, I know I am working on losing weight but a buffet is a thing of beauty.  Let’s say I want an eggroll, fried chicken, a taco and a doughnut without making four stops?  Perfect.
3) National and State Parks – Wow, I love the outdoors and can’t weight (see what I did there?) to lose a little more and the heat to come down so I can explore places like Arches, Zion, Grand Canyon (the ones in my back yard to start).
4) Multiple Cultures – Look, I am not for ILLEGAL immigration, but those that are really against it seem to be all about the timing of it, right?  But legal immigration is awesome.  We are a melting pot, we are so much better for having friends from all over th globe to teach us their culture, food, loves and ethos.
5) 7-11 – I think it is still owned by an Pac-Asian company, but having worked there and shopped there for years, I still remember to this day as a youth when 7-11 closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but no more.  Make sure to thank those who work there on those days, especially Christmas when you realize you forgot four double “A” batteries and go to buy them for $8.79
6) Music – of ALL kinds, except dubstep.  We are a musical frakking culture.  I love Rock and Roll, We built this city on rock and roll, rock and roll hoochie coo.  I love guitar, DJ, and wailing lyrics man, I am frutie for the music.  Every culture has their own, but see point 4 above, we have taken music from other cultures and made it our own.  I mean Ravi Shankar?  I loved him and his daughter and then be able to go listen to Ted Nugent in the same breath.  Wow.

So Bless us today on our national holiday; go get a quick workout in, or hell, a long hike.  Then spend the day with loved ones – find them, anywhere, and share what you love about today.  I plan on family,a  beer or two, burgers and sparklers (and my wife dancing around like a pixie with her camera getting the shot, she has been thinking and planning this for days).  Namaste.


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