Life from an RV (Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone)

Super Roadster 2013

Super Roadster 2013

Groovy time for this daily prompt as for over a year I have tried to talk my wife into, and amp up the thought of, living a nomadic life.  She is not convinced while I on the other hand have the perfect vision of our life in an RV.  Yes, an RV.  My dream is to sell all of our meager possessions, buy an RV and live out of it for as long as we can.

We would start out driving from Las Vegas, our home base, to San Diego where we could live on the beaches and eat Fish tacos until we had little money left, at which point we could drive further upstate and inland to work for a few months as itinerant workers picking apples, just enough to have some cash.

Eventually we would get tired of this and drive north again, spending some time crashing Yosemite, San Francisco and working at a marijuana farm for the harvest.

This IS legal, right?

This IS legal, right?

OK, disclaimer, I do not advocate for or against the use of marijuana, you are a damn adult and can make that decision yourself.

We would travel across the country for months at a time, spending days, weeks, months or years even in one place and then trucking on, this year maybe we take the north route across the country, next year the south and hell, the year after that, we go to South America.  Why not?  Life on the road is a precious thing; we could create a new blog about it called Southern Fried Gypsies in Mexico or something creative my wife would come up with, and can you imagine the pictures we would take?

See, I cannot see a down side to this.  Very low overhead and mega up on the juice side.

I am sure that there are some things I have not thought too much about, say, the schooling of our three youngest but I assume we can homeschool them and what better school than the road.  I believe it was Jack Kerouac who said “Dig, man, homeschool those cats on the road, what better school than that?”  Maybe he didn’t say that, but he would have.

Yummy, especially on a paper plate

Yummy, especially on a paper plate

Anyway, life would not always be perfect I know, but it would be a larger adventure than we have now, and isn’t that what it is all about?  See you on the road; I will keep you some fish tacos.

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7 thoughts on “Life from an RV (Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone)

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  3. Oh my gosh. I love your plan. That sounds wonderful.

    The first thing I did after reading this was turn to my fiance and be like “Hey honey, let’s buy and RV! I want to live on the beaches!”

    • Hahaha, I think that I could eventually talk my wife into it, she IS a gypsy at heart.
      Thanks for reading and the comment, good luck to you! Marriage is totally worth it.

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