The One Where I Have Come To Some Decisions (45 / 365)

My first bathroom selfie

My first bathroom selfie

If you are a casual follower, or a more seriously demented person and stalk my silliness on this page, you may have noticed my absence for two days.  This was by design.  I was thinking of stopping this project.  I was thinking about whether the direction of this project was actually helping me achieve my goals or just me being a dipshit.

Well, to be honest, I am exactly where I was 45 days ago.  BUT, that is not my blogs fault, it is my own self deprecation.  I hd forgotten what this blog was about.  Sharing and telling my experiences and associating that with pictures to learn to love myself.

Well, with that said, I am perfectly back and done with my self-indulgence.  I will ensure I am post my picture and some words of things I have learned or done along the way.  Thanks for putting up with my off days.



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