The One Where I am Gray (17 /365)

Those are oil on canvas paintings on the ceiling in the mirror behind me.

Those are oil on canvas paintings on the ceiling in the mirror behind me.

Today was a perfect metaphor for the last week.  I won’t rant a lot, as I wrote myself a pickup letter yesterday, but i have felt gray in a world of color all week.  This week could not end soon enough for me.  It was a drag needless to say, but also i was able to learn some things about me, and was able to get a little more ahead this week than last.  I did not get any replies to whether i should shave my head or not, except from my father in law who told me to go Nazarene like Samson.  Thanks Mark!  i DO appreciate the feedback and support.

Sometimes, we are in neutral gunning the engine.  This is not always bad; it could be our mind telling us we need a break or physically we need to slow down.  Sometimes though it is just that we forgot to disengage the clutch and it is time to go.  That being said, this week I intend to fully release the clutch and hit the ground running when I wake up, how?  By visualizing a better day tomorrow and acknowledging that this feeling will pass because I made it so.  I am truly hoping and visualizing that by July 23rd, I am able to do some moderate hiking at least.

For proper disclosure, this photo was taken at the amazingly under-visited Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas.  it is a dark, quirky, wonderfully hip hotel.  It is as if you walked into the museum of art just after a non lethal bomb exploded throwing velvet and art everywhere.  Go check them out, they are awesome!

Until tomorrow peeps, stay up.  Namaste.


The one in the Swimming Pool (3/365)

I had all these amazing ideas lined up.  I had my wife take a picture of me floating in the pool, backlit with the pool lights glowing angelic around my head as a halo, thus showing my beatific side.  My readers would look upon the image and say unto my blog that they accepted me as their personal weight-loss guru.

Well, like I said, sometimes weight-loss is not a pretty thing and my Android took a pretty crappy picture, I cannot blame Amanda, we are only as good as the tools we use.  Needless to say, I went with the creepy first shot I took; I played with it a little on Pic Monkey.  The pool session went a little rough, I wore the wrong shorts, and they kept falling off.  NOBODY needs to see that picture, so instead I floated and played with the baby for an hour.

Hopefully, these pictures start to mean something to you as much as they do to me.  I have 362 to go and I insist that though some may be of me just waking up on the toilet, others are going to be amazeballs.  I already have 365 planned, but I cannot tell you!

Saturday is wrapping up, my wife got some alone time downtown taking pictures of graffiti and being yelled at by Cindy Funkhouser, the crazy tart that runs the amazing Funk House (too bad she is insane, her store is awesome and should be seen)***.  Speaking of things to see in Vegas, if you are coming here and want to have an beast of an off the grid experience, message me and you will not be disappointed.  For now, I rest, and get ready for the bike tomorrow.  Namaste.

I will be a triathlete and the swim part is my biggest fear

I will be a triathlete and the swim part is my biggest fear

*** I am not a clinician and cannot speak to the medical state of Cindy Funkhouser, but seriously, she was watching Amanda take pictures and harassing her and she once charge me 2.00 for a bag to carry shit I bought from her store.  She is like the old man yelling at kids to get off his damn lawn.  This is parody and my opinion.