The One You’re Gonna Wanna Keep (23 / 365)

Ponderous man, Very  ponderous

Ponderous man, Very ponderous

…Told you this would be wierd.

This is the one!  Keep this photo as a keepsake of a “I knew him when”. Don’t get me wrong, i will not be getting famous anytime soon, but this is the last picture of me accepting pain, failure and the lies I tell myself daily that I am not good enough.  The descent or downward spiral is over, now I am back.

I had expected this to start earlier in my pic-a-day process, i knew it would catch on to me, i just had to have faith.  I don’t even think Amanda really understood why I seemed so voracious to copy her pic-a-day, but I saw something in that idea that could help me.  I knew that if i could post positive pieces with pictures that along the way, a mental transformation would begin and i would be back to the place I was in 2010 where I began the original weightloss.

You have no idea how good it feels to be ridding myself of these shackles that I put in place.  I think EVERYONE will slowly start to see a difference, and you will see it here also in the pics, in the posts and in the love.  Namaste.


The One With the Awesome Hair (8/365)

After yesterday’s rant, I wanted to cool things down on today’s 365 picture.  I just really thought that my hair looked AWESOME waking up.

I don’t expect much change this week, friends, just know that I have started work on making me be the best me I can and I am guessing that within the next two to three weeks, we will see some drastic changes.  I love that you follow me, inspire me, motivate me just by being here and who you are.  Truly and from my heart, walk in peace.  Namaste.

Bwahahaha!  I love this look for me.  totally just woke up, and yowza, what a keeper!

Bwahahaha! I love this look for me. totally just woke up, and yowza, what a keeper!