The One You’re Gonna Wanna Keep (23 / 365)

Ponderous man, Very  ponderous

Ponderous man, Very ponderous

…Told you this would be wierd.

This is the one!  Keep this photo as a keepsake of a “I knew him when”. Don’t get me wrong, i will not be getting famous anytime soon, but this is the last picture of me accepting pain, failure and the lies I tell myself daily that I am not good enough.  The descent or downward spiral is over, now I am back.

I had expected this to start earlier in my pic-a-day process, i knew it would catch on to me, i just had to have faith.  I don’t even think Amanda really understood why I seemed so voracious to copy her pic-a-day, but I saw something in that idea that could help me.  I knew that if i could post positive pieces with pictures that along the way, a mental transformation would begin and i would be back to the place I was in 2010 where I began the original weightloss.

You have no idea how good it feels to be ridding myself of these shackles that I put in place.  I think EVERYONE will slowly start to see a difference, and you will see it here also in the pics, in the posts and in the love.  Namaste.


Children Hear Things

Let’s be honest, I do not have that many faults.  One or two, maybe, but the biggest is that the interlocker that stops my mouth from engaging before my brain begins, fails me so much.  Sometimes, to comedy relief, like when I tell people that a good night ALWAYS ends with an opium den.  But sometimes my mouth goes horribly off the reservation.

I have 4 very intelligent, charming and loving kids and one demon baby – who have heard all they want to hear about the following:

Ass Rape, Bent by Beckham, pornstache, upper-decker, graping, rape in general, killing, taking fingers as a form of punishment, gay Jesus,  Gay Elmo, Pimp Elmo, Pimping ain’t easy, wanking, dirty sanchez, salad tossing, tranny’s…

Well, you get the idea.  Did i mention my kids range from 20 to 1 and I believe I have influenced most of their own creative decisions in one way or another.  Take for example this cheery sentiment from my Son’s Facebook page.  I swear, i could have written this:

OK, the CAT meme was Amanda's idea, but the text is straight from AJ.

OK, the CAT meme was Amanda’s idea, but the text is straight from AJ

This leads me to believe that my kids are listening to me way more than i realize, and even though I revel in the joy of teen and pre-teen faces lighting up at my off-color jokes, I probably should chill.  I present to you now, uncut and in its rough form, the story I found on the Laptop as I came on to scan Facebook or MSN.  I am the Mike in this story I believe, and the author is a ten-year old Emo girl named Autumn.  This could have gone way bad, like, counseling sessions bad – but it still shows i need to draw the line.  Enjoy, and enjoy your weekend:

I leave it in tact, exactly as she wrote it

I leave it in tact, exactly as she wrote it