Singular Sensation (Daily Prompt)

The Daily Prompt asks me today,
“If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?”

This is an easy one for me.  my blog is all about change and inspiration and motivation on the outside.  But I am taking pictures of myself and those things around me becasue I feel ugly.  I have so much self loathing that the only way I feel I can make a change and stop the downward spiral my own psyche has been in over the last year is to force myself to see and RECOGNIZE the value I add to those around me, to stop overanalyzing and live life instead of report on my friends life.

I lost a lot of weight, I mean, like Extreme weightloss challenge weight nearly and then gained it back.  I feel I let a lot of people down who were counting on me and who looked up to me.  i thought I was inspiring, but truly there has always been a piece in my life missing.  Something that makes it so I cannot look into a mirror or let people photo me or take compliments.  I have never loved what I have to offer.

Spo, easy, the one result from my blog at the end of the year for Weightloss 365, will be that I like myself for all that greatness within me, that I have covered up for 40 years.


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Life from an RV (Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone)

Super Roadster 2013

Super Roadster 2013

Groovy time for this daily prompt as for over a year I have tried to talk my wife into, and amp up the thought of, living a nomadic life.  She is not convinced while I on the other hand have the perfect vision of our life in an RV.  Yes, an RV.  My dream is to sell all of our meager possessions, buy an RV and live out of it for as long as we can.

We would start out driving from Las Vegas, our home base, to San Diego where we could live on the beaches and eat Fish tacos until we had little money left, at which point we could drive further upstate and inland to work for a few months as itinerant workers picking apples, just enough to have some cash.

Eventually we would get tired of this and drive north again, spending some time crashing Yosemite, San Francisco and working at a marijuana farm for the harvest.

This IS legal, right?

This IS legal, right?

OK, disclaimer, I do not advocate for or against the use of marijuana, you are a damn adult and can make that decision yourself.

We would travel across the country for months at a time, spending days, weeks, months or years even in one place and then trucking on, this year maybe we take the north route across the country, next year the south and hell, the year after that, we go to South America.  Why not?  Life on the road is a precious thing; we could create a new blog about it called Southern Fried Gypsies in Mexico or something creative my wife would come up with, and can you imagine the pictures we would take?

See, I cannot see a down side to this.  Very low overhead and mega up on the juice side.

I am sure that there are some things I have not thought too much about, say, the schooling of our three youngest but I assume we can homeschool them and what better school than the road.  I believe it was Jack Kerouac who said “Dig, man, homeschool those cats on the road, what better school than that?”  Maybe he didn’t say that, but he would have.

Yummy, especially on a paper plate

Yummy, especially on a paper plate

Anyway, life would not always be perfect I know, but it would be a larger adventure than we have now, and isn’t that what it is all about?  See you on the road; I will keep you some fish tacos.

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The Natural World, Daily Prompt – Gate Buttress, UT

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt:  Nature, I reminisce Growing up in Salt Lake City, UT, I was surrounded by so many outdoor natural adventures that as a child, I didn’t even realize were there.  My folks are indoor, watch TV, “don’t you dare try that” kind of people.  As predictable as the meat and potato dinner we would have almost every other night, except for pork chop night on Thursday.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but this is the east side of the Buttress

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but this is the east side of the Gate Buttress

When I hit my teen years, I began exploring the mountains with my friends Steve and David.  There is a canyon not far from our house called Little Cottonwood Canyon; it is known for world-class skiing at Alta and Snowbird ski resorts, but we were drawn to a little place called Gate Buttress which 20-25 years ago when we found it was a secret world to us.  We discovered huge boulders to climb on or over, trails leading to caves leading to massive granite cliffs.

We would come both in the summer when the heat was pretty bad in the valley and in the winter when there was six feet of snow on the ground to hamper us, but always we would fund our way up to the cliffs and traverse and hike and play.  It was wonderful.  What made this place groovy was that this is where I discovered rock climbing.  We had always seen odd men and women with dreadlocks and smelling funny hiking past us on the trail with ropes and packs and shoes that looked like ballet slippers but we had no idea.

My friend Steve and I found an old rope once while we were up there, frayed, old and weathered; probably measured twenty-five feet or less.  It was used on part of the trail to skirt a cave/crawl and you could hand over hand the rope over a boulder face of fifteen feet.  We both decided we wanted to rock climb and with the fervor of youth bought two army web belts, hiking boots and proceeded to cut the nasty rope.

Schoolroom, my first proto climb EVER

Schoolroom, my first proto climb EVER

We hiked to the cliffs full of ourselves and proceeded up one of the first cliff faces we found.  Steve, always the more gung-ho back then, Snapped the web belt around his waist and tied an overhand square knot around the cheap plastic buckle.  I did the same thing.  Seriously, this is what the other climbers were doing, right?  He began his climb and I felt that something was wrong, that there was something more I should be doing to protect in case he fell.  But he didn’t, he climbed as high as the rope let him, and I began.  More slowly than Steve, I caught up to him and there we were; both on the cliff face about 30 feet up not knowing anything.

Needless to say, we climbed another twenty feet before we realized something was wrong, we became terrified or the powers that be just put some good sense into us and we realized we were in way over our head.  We slowly and meticulously made our way back down the cliff, trembling hands and hearts.  When we were gathered back into our senses, we noticed a pack and a book nearby, I looked at the book and it was a climbing book called “Wasatch Climbing North”, I told Steve we needed that book to learn and find other places; he agreed we should buy it, but for once, I was the more aggressive and decided the boys who this belonged to were probably one hundred feet or more up on the cliff, and would never catch us, so yes, I stole the book.

We eventually learned how to safely climb, buying the right gear and learning technique inside and outside.  I climbed for ten more years until life settled me into a routine that had no time for nature as much, and it breaks my heart.  Currently the Church of Ladder Day Saints owns the mining rights to this buttress and it has not been the same.  I don’t know if I will ever get to share this magical place with my kids.  I have to lose some weight and oil off some rust before I climb again, but just the majesty of this grove, trials and cliff system amaze me to this day.  I found God as a young man in the changing colors of the trees, and friends on the trail.  It is a bond surely felt and discovered by those that have known its magical pull.