The One With the Duckface (6/365)

Goddamnit I hate the duckface.  I am a pretty level-headed guy, but that son of a bitch just pushes my buttons.  Fuck.  So I took this picture at the gym, and it was supposed to show the after effects of a good workout, but instead I pull, wait for it, DUCKFACE.  I guess that was how I feel about the lame ass workout tonight too.  i gotta get better at bringing the whole pipe to the party, loaded and ready to go and unleash that shit like Ecstasy at a Twilight Fan Fiction party.  I hate duckface.  Today has been duckface.  Here is to the ugliest side of fitness and hoping tomorrow is way less duckface.  Namaste.

Hey look ma, DUCKFACE!  Bwuahahaaaaa

Hey look ma, DUCKFACE! Bwuahahaaaaa


The sexy one (4/365)

Sometimes weight-loss isn’t so sexy, as I say, sometimes well, it just is.  This was not my original picture for the day, but my wife caught me oozing sublime sexiness over the breakfast table and I couldn’t help but share it.  Apparently, I do not like to wear shirts or comb my hair.  See you tomorrow, Namaste.

Stand back ladies, this one is married!

Stand back ladies, this one is married!