The One Where I am Dirty? (30 /365)

Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes

Short and sweet tonight, just like me.  hahaha.  Its my dirty thirty post.  I had never heard the term Dirty thirty until recently, but I like it.  I have to be honest, the first thirty posts were about proving something to myself.  This has been the first thirty days I have stuck with something that wasn’t required for a long time.  Now, I have shown myself and anyone who reads this blog that once you commit to something, it takes just a little effort, a whole lot of mindset and some cool people to support you to keep you going.

The next thirty is going to be amazing.  Over the next thirty I will become runner again, I will become hiker again and I will continue on the mental journey to liking and loving myself more and those around me.  I already am.

Namaste, see you in the morning.



The One You’re Gonna Wanna Keep (23 / 365)

Ponderous man, Very  ponderous

Ponderous man, Very ponderous

…Told you this would be wierd.

This is the one!  Keep this photo as a keepsake of a “I knew him when”. Don’t get me wrong, i will not be getting famous anytime soon, but this is the last picture of me accepting pain, failure and the lies I tell myself daily that I am not good enough.  The descent or downward spiral is over, now I am back.

I had expected this to start earlier in my pic-a-day process, i knew it would catch on to me, i just had to have faith.  I don’t even think Amanda really understood why I seemed so voracious to copy her pic-a-day, but I saw something in that idea that could help me.  I knew that if i could post positive pieces with pictures that along the way, a mental transformation would begin and i would be back to the place I was in 2010 where I began the original weightloss.

You have no idea how good it feels to be ridding myself of these shackles that I put in place.  I think EVERYONE will slowly start to see a difference, and you will see it here also in the pics, in the posts and in the love.  Namaste.

The One Where I keep Dozing Off While Writing (18 / 365)

They say never work wit kids (and neither of us know how to brush our hair)

They say never work wit kids (and neither of us know how to brush our hair)

Just a quick post tonight; it’s late and as the title says, I keep dozing (literally, I started this post 23 minutes ago).  I included my daughter in today’s pic because she is my youngest and has been extra loving to me this weekend,  maybe she recognizes too that Dad needs a lift this weekend.  And, just by her being in the pic, I look better.

i am sleepy a lot and that is probably mostly due to Apnea, but it is also because I need to crank the intensity of my workouts up a bit and also spend that time at night in recovery mode.  We forget that recovery is sometimes more important than activity.  GET YOUR SLEEP ON

One thing I saw on a partner Fitfluential blog out there this week is to post your training plan once a week and then asses, lightly without going too crazy (like my blog use to); so here is my plan for 6/24 to 6/30:

Mon / Fri – 40 minutes bike / Abs
Tue / Thu – 2 resistance circuits
Wed – 26 m HIIT Bike
Sat – 60+m bike low intensity

So that is my kick ass plan for this week, i am going to spend the rest of tonight visualizing that I am doing it.  Kicking ass and taking names.  Namaste.


The One Where I am Gray (17 /365)

Those are oil on canvas paintings on the ceiling in the mirror behind me.

Those are oil on canvas paintings on the ceiling in the mirror behind me.

Today was a perfect metaphor for the last week.  I won’t rant a lot, as I wrote myself a pickup letter yesterday, but i have felt gray in a world of color all week.  This week could not end soon enough for me.  It was a drag needless to say, but also i was able to learn some things about me, and was able to get a little more ahead this week than last.  I did not get any replies to whether i should shave my head or not, except from my father in law who told me to go Nazarene like Samson.  Thanks Mark!  i DO appreciate the feedback and support.

Sometimes, we are in neutral gunning the engine.  This is not always bad; it could be our mind telling us we need a break or physically we need to slow down.  Sometimes though it is just that we forgot to disengage the clutch and it is time to go.  That being said, this week I intend to fully release the clutch and hit the ground running when I wake up, how?  By visualizing a better day tomorrow and acknowledging that this feeling will pass because I made it so.  I am truly hoping and visualizing that by July 23rd, I am able to do some moderate hiking at least.

For proper disclosure, this photo was taken at the amazingly under-visited Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas.  it is a dark, quirky, wonderfully hip hotel.  It is as if you walked into the museum of art just after a non lethal bomb exploded throwing velvet and art everywhere.  Go check them out, they are awesome!

Until tomorrow peeps, stay up.  Namaste.

The One Where I am All Sweaty (14 / 365)

Worn OUT!

Worn OUT!

Just a quick post today, mid-week stretch to say to you that if I can get out of the house, do a 30 minute HIIT ride on th ebike, so can you.  Shout out to my mid-week excuse busters.  This is what it looks like when you are sweaty, tired and feel great about it.  I want it again tomorrow, so do YOU.  Namaste.

The One Where I say “Enough Planning” (13 / 365)

Ohhhhhh, Spooky

Ohhhhhh, Spooky

So, they planned on building a big ass boat that couldn’t be sunk.  They also planned on conquering the Russian front in winter.  They also planned on opening their dream coffee house in Downtown Las Vegas ahead of the coming boom.  This is a picture of me planning my 2014 Sprint Tri Training Run.  BUT, like the other plans, they are only words on a paper unless I get up tomorrow at 5:30, get to the gym for my daily AM cardio.

Visualize the gym, the bike, the ride, the sweat, the pain, the desire to stop cause your fat, the enemy creeping up your ass telling you you aren’t good enough.   Visualize you kicking the enemy in the balls and going for 5 more minutes, because you are a bad ass and stronger than your fat.  Imagine the stretching in the sauna, how your muscles will soften and stretch and feel so good.

Visualize you being stronger than you were when you entered the gym, and you fucking know it.  Allez Mike, Allez.

You can do it too, you are a bad ass, and stronger than you ever thought possible.  Tell me how it goes tomorrow, motivate my fat ass.  Namaste.

The One Where I am Determined (12 / 365)

I love the fact that my office appears to be windy.

I love the fact that my office appears to be windy.

I am determined today to:

1) Be Positive
2) To go to the gym for 1 hour and put some in
3) Continue to see myslef positively
4) Not be a douche to my wife like I was last night, on Fathers Day of all days
5) Keep it real as a motherfucker and be as bad as  I am

I had a good weekend, until grumpy cat came to visit and poop on my face about 6 PM yesterday, no clue why, just did.  My fault, my mess.  But today is a new day, manic Monday and I hope today you find love, happiness and peace.  Namaste.