The sexy one (4/365)

Sometimes weight-loss isn’t so sexy, as I say, sometimes well, it just is.  This was not my original picture for the day, but my wife caught me oozing sublime sexiness over the breakfast table and I couldn’t help but share it.  Apparently, I do not like to wear shirts or comb my hair.  See you tomorrow, Namaste.

Stand back ladies, this one is married!

Stand back ladies, this one is married!


The one in the Swimming Pool (3/365)

I had all these amazing ideas lined up.  I had my wife take a picture of me floating in the pool, backlit with the pool lights glowing angelic around my head as a halo, thus showing my beatific side.  My readers would look upon the image and say unto my blog that they accepted me as their personal weight-loss guru.

Well, like I said, sometimes weight-loss is not a pretty thing and my Android took a pretty crappy picture, I cannot blame Amanda, we are only as good as the tools we use.  Needless to say, I went with the creepy first shot I took; I played with it a little on Pic Monkey.  The pool session went a little rough, I wore the wrong shorts, and they kept falling off.  NOBODY needs to see that picture, so instead I floated and played with the baby for an hour.

Hopefully, these pictures start to mean something to you as much as they do to me.  I have 362 to go and I insist that though some may be of me just waking up on the toilet, others are going to be amazeballs.  I already have 365 planned, but I cannot tell you!

Saturday is wrapping up, my wife got some alone time downtown taking pictures of graffiti and being yelled at by Cindy Funkhouser, the crazy tart that runs the amazing Funk House (too bad she is insane, her store is awesome and should be seen)***.  Speaking of things to see in Vegas, if you are coming here and want to have an beast of an off the grid experience, message me and you will not be disappointed.  For now, I rest, and get ready for the bike tomorrow.  Namaste.

I will be a triathlete and the swim part is my biggest fear

I will be a triathlete and the swim part is my biggest fear

*** I am not a clinician and cannot speak to the medical state of Cindy Funkhouser, but seriously, she was watching Amanda take pictures and harassing her and she once charge me 2.00 for a bag to carry shit I bought from her store.  She is like the old man yelling at kids to get off his damn lawn.  This is parody and my opinion.

WeightLoss 365

I was recently at a funeral for my grandfather and was really really really losing it; see, i was to be a pallbearer (which I found out less than 12 hours prior) and I am just not in good shape, second, the funeral was in SLC where I cannot breathe anyway.  It is proven that altitude plus fat equals heart attack weighting to happen (see what I did there?).  So, to cut to the point….

…I had to stop carrying my grandfather to his grave.  At that point I felt the lowest I have EVER felt, and I promise, I have done some very shitty things to good people.  My grandfather was a hard working, proud, carry the load kind of guy and in that moment, I realized, I was everything he wasn’t.  I was weak, tired and fucking lame.

I broke down into some tears over both the loss, which runs very deep to me, and to the fact that I continue to gain weight going the wrong way.  It is like I have gone fucking insane.  Needless to say, my other grandfather, an amazing man who has endured the loss of his son, his wife is in health rehab, took the time to come hug me and tell me it was going to be OK.  Suddenly, I felt maybe he is right, it is going to be OK.  Additionally he said, and mixed up his words but I know what he meant, to stop taking photos of the gym, and just do the work.

So, inspired by this lowest low, a project my wife is doing (My 365), and the wisdom of Grandpa Dick, I plan on doing the work – but of course I have to do it with my own flair.  Hence Weightloss 365.  Weightloss isn’t pretty every day, it sucks.  I know cause I have lost an extreme amount of weight, yes I gained it back (I told people it was because it was so much fun to lose the first time, bullshit!).  I plan on taking a picture of myself every day, for good or bad for one full year.

My hope is that the changes i see over time inspire me to go even harder, my fear is that I will only get fatter.  Either way, let’s get it on.  And before I forget.  Rest in Peace Grandpa Jim, we’ve got it from here.

Day One:  Quiet Solitude and a Dirty White Shirt

Mike, Day One 060613

Mike, Day One 060613