The One where I am on Buffering (55 / 365)


Sometimes I don’t know if I can do this, sometimes I think I talk a lot.  Sometimes I feel as if I do not have a lot to say or there is no intrinsic value in my words.  But there is value in words, just not words without conviction or action.  You my friends, have been reading words without action and now it is time to do something about that.

Remember when we wer kids and there were cliff hangers over the summer?  who shot JR?  Shit we won’t know for two months.  Well, it is in that spirit that I am buffering amd will be off air for 60 days.

Can Mike lose 40 pounds naturally in 60 Days?
Will he ever ride a bike again?
Will he stop whining about worK

We will see, I will see you at 115 / 365


The One Where I am Listening (49 / 365)

Seriously, we are talking about SkyRim?  Again?

Seriously, we are talking about SkyRim? Again?

My son, the 15 year old, loves to jibba jabba, especially about video, board and Youtube games.  You could leave him talking, walk into the bathroom and he would politely wait until you came out and pick up where he left off.

One thing I noticed about this pic is that I am holding my wedding band.  This is a habit I have picked up when I am listening or thinking deeply.  Why is it off my hand you ask?  Well, I had gone from 245 to 277 by our wedding and now am hovering around 360.  I do not want the ring to get cut off my hand, so I wear it around my neck.

One of the things I hate bout this is that if I get into a hurry taking my shirt off (you should know by now I love to be shirtless), I  catch the ring and do not realize it.  I m not good t keeping promises, so the ring is my reminder of the major promises i made Amanda on our wedding day and how important they are to me; she has taken me for worse, now my commitment is for her to love me for better.

Cant wait to have the ring back on my finger.


The One Where I Know my Role (47 / 365)

$3.00 Bill Y'all

$3.00 Bill Y’all

Yo, yo, yo peeps.  MC MadDisaster here in the scene looking to be seen…

OK, that is just dumb.  I was having a conversation with someone online today and it revolved around why we were part of this “support” group on FB.   I had mentioned the negativity we all began our posts off with, including myself, like:

“I’ve only lost 1 pound this week”
“I totally failed this week”
“….Do better next week”

What I and these other folks were missing was that there was a lot of positives as well, the person that lost “ONLY” a pound should share how she did it with the person that gained a pound.  The individual that filed should see it not as failure, but a lesson, you tried this way and it didn’t work so try this.  Or probably more close, I didn’t try at all.  And finally my favorite, I will do better next time or start tomorrow or how about NEVER?

I stressed to my friends that negativity is how I go to where I am today and I will only be celebrating the positive from THIS moment on.  It will take a lot of work, as I am a natural cynic, but I am going to really find the lesson in all things, listen more and try to be positive.  Otherwise I will be as silly as a one dollar bill in a mad wad of Monopoly money.


The One Where I Have Come To Some Decisions (45 / 365)

My first bathroom selfie

My first bathroom selfie

If you are a casual follower, or a more seriously demented person and stalk my silliness on this page, you may have noticed my absence for two days.  This was by design.  I was thinking of stopping this project.  I was thinking about whether the direction of this project was actually helping me achieve my goals or just me being a dipshit.

Well, to be honest, I am exactly where I was 45 days ago.  BUT, that is not my blogs fault, it is my own self deprecation.  I hd forgotten what this blog was about.  Sharing and telling my experiences and associating that with pictures to learn to love myself.

Well, with that said, I am perfectly back and done with my self-indulgence.  I will ensure I am post my picture and some words of things I have learned or done along the way.  Thanks for putting up with my off days.


The One With A Little Pain (40 / 365)



That’s me looking away wistfully; today has been trying in a first world kind of way.  Today, I have failed, been caught in a lie, moody, less than inspired and even hurt.  I guess that would be Karma.

The lie was white, the failure was at work, the moody was at my wife, the inspiration is at my putty party and I got hurt riding a bike. I’ve been told when you get older you font heal as fast.

I actually heard myself say, “oh damn, my hip”.  I’m getting old.

My gym is closed for a week, renovations, and now I can’t feel my right knee or hip. And my left elbow, do I’m going to try some body weight exercises like square and MAYBE lunged this week, and work on my stretching form.

The worst thing about right now is that the power supply on my laptop appears to have failed, so no DS9.   WAAAAAAH!


The One Where I am Hardly Routine (39 / 365)

I brew my own, but love Starbucks cups, I am a junky

I brew my own, but love Starbucks cups, I am a junky

Here I am, like Burroughs, a junky to my own routine.  Sunday mornings are awesome to me, it is like the twilight of the day where the light is golden.  I know that within 24 hours, the work-a-day grind begins again, but I fight for my last hurrah with coffee and internet in hand.  It is my routine.

Some routines are good, like washing your funky self, brushing your teeth and loving – a lot of routines are good, as long as they do not consume you every waking moment like working out, drinking, etc.  Some are just bad.


This week I will trade routine for unexpected opportunity and laziness for work (on myself).